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Advantages of working as cabin crew

How many of you have dreamed about being a Flight Attendant since childhood? Working as cabin crew makes you think about a luxurious lifestyle and being financial independent. For sure it’s one of the best jobs in the world and so many youngsters dream about having this job.

Why? Well, let’s see what are the advantages of working as Cabin Crew

You travel the world
Travelling across the globe and having access to every continent it’s a very good reason for a flight attendant to wake up every day smiling and to prepare carefully for each flight. Each journey is unique because you work and live among other nationalities gathered from each corner of the globe, doesn’t matter if they are your colleagues or your passengers.

You are paid to travel
Do not forget that you are paid to travel while others don’t have the financial support to travel or in other cases, they don’t have “the luxury” due to lack of time.

You don’t pay utilities or rent
Free accommodation and utilities are only offered for those who are working for an airline company in the Middle East. You will have the opportunity to live with a colleague or two in beautiful fully furnished apartments which will offer you the comfort needed in order to feel spoiled in your own home.

Good salary
Working as Cabin Crew, your salary is above the normal wage of many countries. This salary increases in time, by each promotion, you get bonuses out of duty free sales and also, annual bonuses. At an Arabic airline, you can earn approximately 2500 $/ monthly (the salary depends on the monthly flight hours)

Easier promotion
At a Middle East airline company you have the possibility to get promoted very fast compared to other jobs, and you get the satisfaction that you are rewarded based on your efforts.

You have access to 5 start hotels and restaurants
By having this job you have access to so many benefits, among that having access to five start hotels and restaurants and also discounts to many shops based on some coupons.

Cheaper flight tickets
Flight tickets with a discount represent another advantage both for you as an employee and also for your family and friends. This makes you that in your free time or vacation to be determined to travel, to explore, and to do your baggage once again to see where your feet will lead you. Who knows? Maybe to an exotic place, or, why not, to a new city that waits to be explored.

The pride of wearing the uniform represents another privilege many of us are aspiring to. Each time Cabin Crew are walking in the airports, the passengers admire the elegance and refinement of the uniform, as well as the idea of team of pilots and cabin crew.

Friends from all cultures
Friendships all over the world can be built upon the experiences lived together on a flight. In aviation it is said: We don’t put accent on the destination, but on the experience of the journey.

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