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Advantages of Being A Nurse

1. Caring for others: This is the #1 thing we hear when talking with travel and perm nurses. Your job caring for others and saving lives. What can be more rewarding than that.

2. Learning something new: As a nurse you are constantly working with and meeting new people. When you are caring for others, it’s important you continue to learn new things.

3. Traveling the country:As a nurse, you can work all over the country. As a travel nurse, one of your additional benefits is the ability to work in a new place every 13-weeks.

4. Make good money: While you aren’t a nurse for the money, the fact is you do make good money as a nurse. If you are motivated by money, head west. According to US News, the state that pays the most for nurses is California.

5. OT pay. If money is something that drives you, many nurses have opportunities to pick up extra shifts and work overtime.

6. Job demand: It’s no shock that society needs nurses. As the population ages, the demand for nurses will continue.

7. Job growth: It’s great to that job demand and growth are on the rise. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job outlook for nurses is projected to grow “much faster” than average.

8. Choose your specialty. The nursing industry is vast: You can take a career as a nurse in several directions. Whether you want to work with adults or children, in the Operating Room or the ER. The choice is yours.

9. Plenty of opportunity for advancement: Most nurses start in a specific unit. But after a few years you can become a shift leader and then in floor management. Once a nurse has made the leap to upper management, opportunities are endless. You can become a director, a VP, or as high up as you want.

10. Get your license reimbursed. Okay so maybe this is more of a common advantage for being a travel nurse. As a travel nurse, you can get your licensed reimbursed. How cool is that?

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