1. The amount is receipted against part / full payment of the fee for the
Aforementioned course only.
2. The fee (part / full) once paid shall not be refunded under any circumstances.
3. In case you do not pay the Fees by due date, late fee charges will be applicable. Rs 100/day
4. In case any of your post-dated cheques is dishonoured by the bank for any reason, whatsoever you shall not be allowed to attend the class. Further if you are not able To pay the outstanding fee within the notice period
given by the management, your Admission to the course, shall be cancelled and the fee already paid shall not be Refunded, and shall stand forfeited, without prejudice to other available remedies.
5 .The management reserves the right to refuse the admission to the candidate, if He/she does not submit the required documents or complete all the admission Formalities by the stipulated date given by the management which shall in no case be Later than 10 days from the date of registration of the candidate for the course by Paying Registration Fee. In that case, Registration Fee / Course Fee already paid will stand forfeited.
6. After completion of the course the student will be provided the certified Diploma certificate from the institute only.
7. If the student leave the course programme in middle or before 12 months he / she will not be provided with
the Diploma certificate.
8. For the enrolled students 90% attendance is a must.
9. There will be exams held by the certified experienced faculties with their respective subjects.
10. The result of exams will help the students with placement assistance cell (PAC).
11. If the student is seen misbehaving, using inappropriate words with the expert faculties or in the name of
the institute with in the premises then strict action will be taken against him/her or it may lead to
12. The training will be held at select location. For details, refer Prospectus and the
Student Agreement.
13. our placement assistance cell helps & guide in upcoming job opportunities for our diploma passing
students. But with no job guarantee
14. The detailed terms & conditions are contained in the Prospectus and the student
Agreement entered between the Company and the Student / Legal Guardian prior to
Taking admission fees payment of registration / course fee.

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